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Author Paper
Satya Brink How PISA has informed learning policy in Canada
Jack Buckley Cross-National Response Styles in International Educational Assessments: Evidence from PISA 2006
Rodger W. Bybee PISAíS 2006 Measurement of Scientific Literacy: An Insiderís Perspective for the U.S.
Audrey Champagne A Critical Evaluation of PISAís Assessment of Science Literacy
Laura S. Hamilton Using PISA Data to Measure School and System Characteristics and Their Relationships with Student Performance in Science
Robert M. Hauser On "Quality and Equity in the Performance of Students and Schools"
Michael L. Kamil Reading Frameworks for 2009: Comparing the National Assessment of Educational Progress with the Programme for International Student Assessment
  Kamil Appendix A
  Kamil Appendix B
Irwin Kirsch PISA Reading Literacy:An Insiderís View
Mary M. Lindquist A Critical Evaluation of PISAís Measurement of Mathematics
John Mazzeo Review of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Test Design: Recommendations for Fostering Stability in Assessment Results.
Mark Schneider International Benchmarking
John Smithson Describing the Academic Content of PISA Mathematics and Science Item Pools
Ross Turner The Pisa Mathematics Assessment?An Insiderís View
Margaret Wu A Critical Comparison of the Contents of PISA and TIMSS Mathematics Assessments